How to Use a Tail Buttplug Successfully

Before you first use a tail butt plug, it is common to wonder what the feeling feels like petplay. You wonder if it's uncomfortable or painful. This may cause you to be hesitant to try. However, so long as you use it properly, there should be no reason as to why you should worry about the feeling and fear pain. The reality is that it is always a pleasurable experience that leaves you desiring more. Read on to know how to use it tailplug.


As the name implies, this phase involves you inserting the plug up your rectum tail buttplug. The first thing you feel is the coldness of the lubricant applied as your plug petplay. When pushing the plug inside up the rectum, there is a different feel for every small move you make. The sensation is very pleasurable and leaves you in earnest cry for more.

After this...

When you continue pushing, and the tip makes its way up the rectum, it encounters a narrowing that has very strong muscles Tail Buttplug. You need to be very slow in this since if you are too fast, you may feel some pain. The sphincter will slowly stretch to welcome the good intruder as the outer part of the rectum stretches too.

Once done...

When the ddlg plug is completely in, you will certainly feel some sense of fullness. The plug actually will have touched all the surface of your rectum. If you have prostrates, you will even feel more pleasure as the plug pushes on the prostrates.

Ensure that you do not panic and clench up muscles since this will cause some discomfort. You sphincter should be very relaxed also, ensure you reduce clenching it whenever you move.

Pulling out

Finally, when you wish to pull out the plug, there are two stages you will go through. You will have to get the wide part of the plug out first. This may seem like an uphill task because the sphincter is clenched on the narrow part under it. Learn more about sex toys at

As you start pulling the stem, release the sphincter muscles in a simultaneous manner to have the widest part out. This will ensure that the rest of the plug is easier to get out. The feeling will be similar to having a bowel movement.

Please note that although you may feel that the plug is almost out, it may not be true. The plug is actually longer than the feeling you have. Be relaxed and wait a little longer as it comes out fully.

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