The Effects of Mercury Retrograde

You may not know what it is the chances are that you have heard about Mercury retrograde and at some point wondered what it means. Don’t worry, this article will provide you with insight that answers every one of your questions about this particular topic and also explains the effects of this phenomena. First, let’s look at Mercury retrograde and define what it is. Starting with the word retrograde, it refers to the appearance of a planet to be moving backwards as it orbits around the sun as viewed from the earth. As you can already tell, Mercury retrograde therefore is the time when the planet Mercury is in such a retrograde motion. This simply refers to a time when this particular planet is furthest from the sun which comes about when the planets orbit slows down while at the same time the speed of the planet Earth remains the same. This occurrence makes it look like Mercury is moving in the opposite direction. Now that we understand what it is, the question we need to be asking ourselves is how such a situation affects us. What impact and effects does this motion leave on Earth? You can find out more at

Mercury retrograde is quite a big deal in astrology. It is believed that this happenstance affects human behavior in some way and particularly psychologically with anything that is related to communication. A problem in communication means that things start to go wrong. To put it simply, during Mercury retrograde things tend to go wrong and may even result in chaos. Speaking of astrology, Mercury is seen as a dominant force in communication regardless of what form it is. This includes spoken, written and even cognitive thought. Anyone who was attended a relationship class understands the importance of communication for relationship to function fully and properly. When there is a miscommunication or misunderstanding, then the relationship is affected negatively. We rely on communication to get through to friends and family and even our colleagues at work. So you can imagine what happens when people are no longer able to communicate properly which is what happens during a Mercury retrograde. Any communication based action or event is destabilized hands resulting in a lot of difficulty in communication. As such, it is important that we are aware when this motion is happening whatever time of the year so that we develop ways of dealing with any communication mishaps that may occur. Look up horoscope aries online to know more.

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