Steps On How To Start A Blog

We are living in hard economic times; people are trying to find side hustle jobs where they can source for extra cash. Blogging is one of the side hustle that people can comfortably earn some extra money. All that is needed is a good internet connection. However, starting your blog is not an easy job. Those people that know how to go about it find it easy. Some guidelines can help people that want to own their blog. The first step when contemplating blogging is to select a blogging platform. There are several options for blogging that are available in the market. One of the platforms is word; the best thing about this platform is that it stores the content free of charge. Those bloggers that want to write blogs about their favorite hobbies should consider word press. Other platforms include; Tumblr, blogger, the platform that is widely recommended for those people that want to start blogging to make money should consider using the word press platform. Click to learn more about BloggingTek. The second step of blogging is to select a domain name for your blog; To provide a domain name for your blog, there is a need to liaise with a domain registrars that are available in the market. The third step is to find hosting services that are going to run your blog. The hosting provider that one chooses should be reliable where one does not experience down times with the servers. The hosting provider should also have strong in hack protection, ensuring that your blog is protected from online hackers. The fourth step is to install word press on the hosting provider. It in this stage that people choose the password for logging in to your blog. The fifth step of creating a blog is creating the themes of your blog using word press themes. Click here to get more info. The designed items should be tailor-made to fit the kind niche of your blog. The design should also be attractive such that it attracts many people. Therefore people should ensure they choose the best design themes that match with the niche to make it easy for readers to see it while looking for content. The sixth step is to add pages and posts o the blog; This will help your readers to locate the information they need in an orderly manner. The last step and the most important one is to create the first blog and post and publish it. These are some of the essential steps that people can use and come up with a blog and start making money online. Learn more from