Rules of Food Safety

In many homes kitchen is usually the heart of their home since it is the place where each member of the family and friends prepare their meals. As this place becomes the most delicious room in the home it is also the most place where potential food poisoning lurks and one can get poisoned when drinking or eating. Food poisoning involves involve consuming food which contain various number of bacteria, parasites and viruses and the common symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

There are various basics which are considered when handling food safety such as shopping, thawing, serving, refreezing and cold storage chart. Shopping involve purchasing frozen items which are selected after buying items which are not perishable. Cold storage chart are items which are stored under refrigerator because of their perishability. Thawing involve using refrigerator which allow slow and safe thawing, cold water which fasten thawing and food should be placed in a water proof plastic bag and microwave where food such as cooked meat and poultry should be placed immediately after thawing it. Watch this video about food safety.

There are various rules which are considered when storing food and some of these rues include the following. One should use refrigerator thermometer when storing or keeping food which require to be stored in a safe temperature. One of the advantages of storing food in cold temperatures is that bacteria grow in a slow rate and one should ensure that your refrigerator stay below 40 degrees Celsius or even below. Storing your food in cold refrigerator will help to reduce the risk of foodborne illness which is caused by storing food in warm refrigerator where bacteria accumulates so fast.

One should use separate cutting boards to store or keep food such as raw meat, poultry, fish and cooked food. This is because there may be bacteria from uncooked food such as meat, poultry and fish which may contaminate cooked food thus making them to become poisonous, you can also learn more here!

One should use calibrated thermometer which is clear and enables one to read the level of temperature in order to ensure that every time you are cooking meet you are cooking with proper temperature. Cooking meat under proper temperature will help to reduce the high risk which may be developed as a result of foodborne illness. Know more here!

Avoid using runny eggs which contain food such as cookie dough because this food usually contain raw eggs which may be contaminated with the salmonella and may cause chronic illness especially to pregnant women and unborn babies.