Best Pony Nursing Scrub Hats Maintenance

Taking care of nursing scrubs is usually tough for most nurses. Pony scrub hats easily get damages and nurses who live on a tight budget find this too expensive to maintain. Normally, nurses do not get the highest salaries they can get and this means they should always find ways of cutting on their unnecessary expenditures. You see, it's not enough to just wash your nursing scrubs as you do to your other clothes. Instead, you need to have extra care by disinfecting and reconditioning them for future tasks. We've come up with the perfect tutorial for you to use in order to have the scrubs for long.

Pretreatment of new scrubs

Nursing scrubs can easily fade especially if you wash them in strong detergents when they are still new. You need to make sure you have treated them before you expose them to the soapy water. All you've got to do is wash them in a basin of cold water that is mixed with about half a glass of vinegar. It will not only protect your nursing scrub from fading but also help it glitter in elegance!

Do not wash nursing scrubs with other clothes

One of the greatest mistakes that most nurses make is to mix their scrubs with other pieces of laundry. Usually, the other clothes are quite different from the scrubs and you just shouldn't wash them together. You see, the other clothes only get their dirt from the office and contacts with ordinary things in your environment. However, the nursing scrub is exposed to several hazards and fluids from patients and pharmaceutical products. You should therefore make sure they are disinfected thoroughly when washing them. Check out these hats for more details.

Use mild stain removers

Stains are common for any nurse- you may easily get blood stains if you work in the operations theatre. Also, you are likely to have drugs poured on your robes and they could stick and damage the beauty of your clothes. This means that you will often need stain removers to do the job. However, you should make sure that the detergents that you use do not wash away the color too. Your uniforms need to be washed with a color-safe remover long before washing. This ensures that the clothes maintain their color and the stains are totally removed. Of course, you may also need to use less perfumes on your nursing scrubs as this may discolor them. Visit for your options.

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