Why the Royal Mile Proves to Be the Greatest Street in the World

Several streets can be claimed to be the greatest in the world. However, there is a criteria that is used to prove the Royal mile in Edinburgh is the greatest in the world. Several activities in the Royal Mile makes it stand out when it comes to identifying the most celebrated street in the world. There are many tourist attractions in the Royal Mile. One of the main things that can make a street to be termed as the greatest is its share of tourist attractions. Well, the Royal Mile is one of the highest rated tourist attraction streets. Some of the features of tourist attractions in this street include the Edinburgh castle which is Scotland’s most popular tourist attraction. Get more info on The Royal Mile Edinburgh. The other aspect that makes Royal Mile highly ranked as one of the most fabulous streets in the world is the availability of hotels. Whenever you need to visit any street, you will need an accommodation, and this is not a problem in Royal Mile. Some of the available hotels in Royal mile include; the Radisson collection, Burnett's apartments and the apartments royal. With these hotels, you will have the best experience in the street. Availability of shops is another factor that makes Royal mile a unique street. The street has a wide variety of small and independent shops which are charming and full of commodities from Scotland and souvenirs. Some of the best shops in Royal Mile include; the Royal Mile Whiskeys, Elgin Cashmere and Fudge Kitchen. You can have every variety of products of your desires from these shops. Get more info on places to visit in Scotland. The culture of Royal Mile in terms of architecture, cobbled streets, magnificent buildings, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will make your visit to Royal Mile more exciting. The history of Royal Mile is another thing that adds taste to the street of Royal Mile. Most of the buildings in this street are popular and famous, which will give you the most memorable experience. The heart of Midlothian, for example, is a famous mosaic which marks the prison where Sir Walter Scott applied the moniker. The food and drinks in the Royal Mile will leave you asking for more. The street has established the most excellent foods and drinks. Variety is something you should expect in the Royal Mile. All the exciting features of the street come in different forms where you can choose that which suits your interests. From tourist attractions to hotels to past and current residences, you can select your favorite. Learn more from https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports-and-everyday-life/food-and-drink/food-and-cooking/travel.