Pediatric Services

Pediatric services provide comprehensive care for children. Board-certified pediatricians in the UCI School of Medicine specialize in neonatal care and pediatric emergency care. There's also a pediatric trauma center. The center has a collaboration with CHOC Children's Hospital of Orange County. And, as a bonus, UCI students get access to world-class pediatricians from around the world. For more information, visit Pediatric nurses are highly skilled professionals who take care of children from the time of birth to early adulthood. Learn more about this pediatrics, go here. They oversee medical treatment for children and parents throughout their hospital stay. Pediatric nurses examine patients, order tests and prescribe medications. They also answer parents' questions. In addition, pediatric nurses serve as on-call staff for emergencies. They communicate with primary care physicians, ensuring coordination of care. Often, this means a shorter stay in the hospital. Moreover, the pediatric nurses can make minute-by-minute decisions regarding your child's health. The goal of a pediatrician is to provide expert care to children. This includes the definition of a child's health and determining its optimal medical status. They also consult with other specialists, participate in efforts to create a nurturing environment for young children, and educate parents on healthy living. Finally, pediatricians play a key role in solving community problems regarding child health and participate in public advocacy efforts for children. If your child needs medical attention, visit ColumbiaDoctors Midtown to receive the care that your child needs. In addition to helping children manage illnesses, pediatricians also treat children with developmental delays and other issues. Find out for further details on x-ray near me right here. Pediatricians diagnose, treat and monitor congenital heart disease and chronic health conditions. Pediatricians also treat problems related to vision and hearing. They help children cope with the symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. In addition, pediatricians also provide comprehensive care for children who suffer from allergies and other medical conditions. They are also trained to detect and treat rheumatic diseases. Dr. Harrington received her undergraduate education from Drake University and completed her medical degree from the University of Minnesota. She joined Pediatric Services in 1985 and has been treating children and adolescents since then. She focuses on preventative care. Dr. Harrington is married and has two daughters. She enjoys playing tennis, reading and spending time with her family. These are just a few reasons why she enjoys working with kids. Don't delay, schedule an appointment today. New York City's Child Advocacy Center provides comprehensive health services for abused children. It also features a Child Abuse/Sexual Abuse clinic and a parent education component to help prevent child abuse. Those who are suffering from sexual abuse can undergo short-term psychotherapy, while those who have been sexually abused can access an interactive computer network to cope with their illness. You'll also be able to access specialized care from the Child Advocacy Center and its dedicated staff. Take a look at this link for more information.