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First Church of Deliverance is a historic spiritual institution situated at 4315 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, within the Chicago area. It was founded by Rev. Clarence H. Cobbs on a plea of mercy for two men who were accused of stealing. This is where Rev. Cobbs began his "ministry" and it grew into a worldwide ministry. First Church of Deliverance today continues to meet the needs and demands of the broken and hurting lives of God's people through His presence.

The area surrounding this church is one of the most impoverished areas of Chicago. Many lives have been lost and changed for the worse because of drug addiction, gangs, murder, and personal wrongdoing. There are so many things that have been touched by the hand of God in this small neighborhood of Englewood. Many people have left this world with broken hearts but, God has brought happiness and hope. Through the example and teachings of this church, God's love has touched and healed countless lives!

One of the most remarkable contributions that Rev. Cobbs made to this community was his willingness to work in partnership with the police and other law enforcement agencies to solve crimes. He felt that if these officers and detectives worked together, they would catch criminals much faster and with minimal damage to the innocent lives.

If you are looking for a true and loyal Catholic Church that truly cares about its spiritual welfare and wants its members to grow in grace and knowledge, you should attend the name of St. Mary's Catholic Church. This particular church has a rich history and has served many souls. It is named after the mother church, which was established over three centuries ago. This church is known for its devotion and love to its parishioners, especially those who have experienced a loss of faith!

No matter what your faith is, you can be sure that you can find something good in a city named Arlington. Other top churches in this glorious city include St. Ignatius, St. James, St. Philip, Our Lady of Loyola and Annunciation. All these great Catholic churches teach and practice the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church while serving the entire community. They have a long standing tradition of serving the neighborhood and their outreach ministry has reached out to everyone in the community. They have a mission statement that reads "As trustee of the Immaculate Conception, Catholic Arlington seeks to glorify God in all that He has created and fashioned, and in all that men and women may experience in this world."

These top churches are not only the witness of love and virtue, but also a place where people come to understand the value of a rich life and the importance of sharing the blessings of Christ's grace. They have shown the way to walk and to talk about faith. This is why they have been held up as shining examples for people who are walking the path of life.

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