Discord Bots For Use In Business

You've probably heard of Discord chatbots. You know, those programs that can do things like play music in your background or chat with other members of your server even when you're not there? If you don't know what they do, I will tell you. It turns out that they're really useful for folks who work from their computers and can't be bothered to switch between different apps each time they need something accomplished. But this is just the beginning. Let me demonstrate everything else these helpful tiny guys can do! Discord bots (or simply "bots," for short) are basically like little AI programs you can integrate into your server; they'll help do stuff for you all the time.


This bot allows you to effortlessly control the settings of your server. You can alter messages, ban people alter server settings and even ban or kick others. The next bot to be introduced is PikaGirl. PikaGirl is a strong Discord bot that is able to be used to serve multiple reasons. With a range of moderation tools, utility services and much more, it's one of the most effective bots that are that you can find. A few of the features include music players poll, trivia games, polls trading cards, customized commands etc. The bot comes with a number of unique features, including Cleverbot to make chatbots that are random and Karma to increase user karma.

In the end, it's simply a free version Slack, with some additional benefits and no limitations on how many members you can add to your server (not to mention the fact that it can do voice chat and stuff). You'll not find another site which lets you enjoy online gaming with your friends without spending a dime. To join any of these servers, however, you'll need an invitation. Before, people needed to go to scam websites and dirty methods in order to get one, but Discord has recently made it a lot easier to join these servers. To gather new details on this please read this post here.

There are tons of fantastic Discord bots for gamers looking to add cool features to their servers. Many of these tools are helpful for everyday tasks and others provide additional entertainment or social interactions within the chat. Continue reading to find out about the top Discord bots we've discovered and learn more about what they can do for your server. Discord was initially designed as an online gaming chat system. However, it has developed into something much more.


Some bots permit users to use all their features with no limitations. However, you must have the correct token in order to be able to use them. It's a code that allows you to access all bot's features without having to enter any commands. To find all bots that are on your server simply type.bots without any spaces! Chat.

This will show each bot on the server. It'll also display their commands and restrictions. This is an excellent way to find a bot which performs the tasks you'd like.