Top 3 Helpful Uses for Lanyards

Students and workers alike use Identification cards every time they go to school or office. And in almost all cases, these are worn by hanging around the neck through a cord called lanyard. These days, these items are made more beautiful and unique for ID cards, boosting the wearers’ sense of pride and possibly, even self-esteem. Basically, as long as it is not forbidden in a school or a workplace, people would prefer to use well-designed ID lanyards. But did you not know that lanyards are not simply applicable for identification cards. Well, maybe in the past these are solely confined for the IDs. Nonetheless, as time went on, people got more creative and lanyards are becoming popular to use in many ways. Learn some of the excellent ideas where or how to use lanyards now:

1. Mobile Phone Holder Let’s admit it! Our mobile phone is necessary for our daily activities. Despite the fact that we need it badly, there are still some people (special mention to those who in senior years) who may forget to bring it with them. As a result, they may miss some important things of a certain moment such a time for communication with the ones, online or phone interview of the job applied, and many more. But for lanyards for this matter may come in handy. It can be attached to a mobile phone and worn around your neck so you can be sure that you will never forget to bring it with you. For the best lanyards visit or read more at

2. Making a Shout-Out Statement T-shirts are not the only items where you can express the things you believe in through words. Lanyards are equally effective yet unique pieces where you can reach a number of people via the statement method. If for instance, you’re a student who is a believer of Christ, then perhaps you can secure a custom-lanyard with the significant Bible verses in it. Or maybe, if you’re a supporter of a person who is running for politics, then perhaps it is good to come up with a lanyard printed with the name of the candidate and political slogan.

3. Marketing and Advertising Similar concept applies above. If you are selling something or promoting your business, lanyards can be a useful tool to reach your prospect buyers. Aside from the fact that you can make a catchy design in it and print highly triggering business punch lines, these are also one of the cheapest way to do business marketing and advertising. You can read more on this here: