Maintaining and Repairing Your Air Conditioner

The heating ventilation and air conditioning is a system which is used to provide thermal comfort in a way that it contains technology of indoor and vehicular which contains comfortable environment. This system is usually designed by mechanical engineers who uses the principles of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. The HVAC system is used in residential homes such as in single families, hotels, apartment buildings and in large buildings such as in hospitals. The air conditioner is a system which has two parts that is the condenser or compressor and the evaporator. The condenser is also referred to as outdoor unit and it is usually located near your home while the evaporator of the indoor unit is usually located near your furnace.

When maintaining your air conditioner, you should use the following tips in order to prevent it from getting too bad fast. You should always keep it clean by making sure that the vacuum that is found in fins is cleaned with soft bristle brush. Also you should get a thermostat which is programmable in order to set temperature according to how the day is and minimizes the temperature when you to save money.

When maintaining your air conditioner, you should make sure that all the fins are fixed in a way that they are aligned in one side and if not you can realign them with gentle pressure using a dinner knife and you should not insert the knife for more than half inches, see more here!

Also when maintaining your air conditioner, you should unclog the condensate drain tube and this is done when there is water leaking from the furnace when the AC is on. Condensation which is found in the coil of AC usually contain bacteria's which causes the drain tube to clog and slime. Also replacing the filter of your AC is a way of repairing your air conditioner in the right way and one can do this by turning off the power of furnace in the main panel. After you have turned off the furnace you are supposed to pull out the filter of furnace in order to see if there is any dirt which has built up in that area. Know more about AC and HVAC repair here!

When your air conditioner fails to service well due to heat spell you can repair it by yourself using the following tips. Check the insulation and improve the units by replacing the damaged insulator which is around the outdoor unit. Clean your air conditioner with a bristle brush and foam cleanser. Know more about HVAC at