What Is Geofencing Marketing?

It is clear that in today's world, a large number of customers use their mobile gadgets to read product reviews, identify a local business, and even do their shopping. This, as a result, has led to geofencing marketing technology that enables businesses to target their customers closely based on their geographical location. This technology has proven to be successful especially for those people who run a brick-and-mortar business.

Being that geo-fencing marketing relies on text messages to send marketing information, it is useful to a huge number of businesses. A recent study by practical e-commerce shows that 96% of mobile phone users receive SMS on a regular basis. This makes it practical for retailers to take advantage of the popularity of text messages for advertising solutions.

While sending out a bunch of text messages to potential and current customers might be promising and fulfilling, the problem comes in when you have no information on whether those customers you are targeting are in your location or not.

Location targeting is important if you are selling to customers who are in a specific area. This will help you ensure that those customers you are sending advertisements to are only those that are at a reasonable distance from which your advertisement is sent.

On location targeting, geofencing comes in handy. It creates a virtual perimeter that helps in filtering clients depending on their exact location at the specific time. With such technology, a businessperson can send a last-minute deal notice to all customers that are within a radius of one mile from the shopping center.

Geolocation marketing campaign's success is all based on ion radius or perimeter. There are some businesses that do better with a smaller radius more so when there is a lot of competition. An example of this is a coffee shop whose most customers are not willing to dive for long distances. Other businesses thrive in a bigger radius or perimeter, more so specialty stores most of their customers are usually drive longer, up to 10 miles to take advantage of better deals.

For geofencing marketing to work well for you, you need to have it crafted well. First, understand your business, and the market you are dealing with. Another factor to consider is the saturation of competition in the area. If your marketplace is full of competitors, you then need to make an offer that customers will find it hard resisting. You also need to ensure that you are working with the right service provider.

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