Importance of Website Accessibility

Website accessibility has been of great concern for the past twelve years. It has been placed in mind of web developers when designing, creating, and maintaining a website of their clients.

What is an accessible website? Accessible website is a simple concept. A website is said to be accessible when it can be looked upon using any medium for accessing it, and by anyone who has technology to access it. Expand the information about website accessibility at

But, making that concept into a practice is not easy. For instance, pictures must be described thoroughly for blind users, colors must be accounted for the color-blinds, audios must be transcribed, while videos must have subtitles for the deaf, text should have larger font sizes for those who have problems with their sight, and the pages must be easy to navigate for people who have motor difficulties. In extreme cases, website to be accessible, needs to be able to cater those people who have cognitive or mental difficulties, as well as those who have short term memory dilemmas. It should also take into consideration problems with slow internet connections.

Those mentioned above will sound like constraints in developing an accessible website. There are different options to address such constraints, though, that will be discussed in the next paragraph. Get ready to learn in our site.

By creating different versions of websites, the site can be seen in a manner it is intended to be, but at the same time, it cater to almost everybody. Different versions of website include a low-bandwidth version, an html-based, version with less pictures, or pictures that are spread along different pages, and some other versions.

What is the importance of web accessibility? A website is preventing itself to reach a large number of audience if it is not accessible. Also, there are also legal ramifications for the blind or deaf people that are being catered by website accessibility.

There are a lot of guidelines to follow when you want to make your website accessible, depending on what country your website is for. The universal standard though is established by the World Wide Web Consortium. Seek more info about website accessibility at

There are critics though on these guidelines. There are critics on the costs and time requirements in making a website accessible based on these. There is also an issue with regards to the training that will be required, the space, and the hosting of multiple versions of the site.

Ultimately, ways on how to make your website accessible depends on you but you should take the important keynotes from the guideline and you should think well on the entire process.