Important Factors to Consider When Adding an In-Law Suite to Your Home

If you are planning to get second floor home additions, there are plenty of options for you. One of the most popular second floor home additions is adding an in-law suite. Nevertheless, there are some areas that need looking into to make a perfectly-designed in-law suite for your home. Some of these factors include site topography, access, zoning restrictions and setbacks, mobility constraints, space requirements, budget, and more. Here you will get more details on important in-law suite design considerations to keep in mind. Make sure to click here now for more info.

When it comes to adding in-law suites or any second floor home additions, for that matter, hiring a design professional is best. For each design meeting, the homeowners and in-laws must be both present at all times. Having everyone involved come to these meetings can make for a successful in-law suite project. In the end, everyone will enjoy the new space.

Deciding if you should bring a kitchen or not to your in-law suite is a vital consideration. Your decision often relies on the level of independence of the family members who will be residing in this suite. For in-laws who are active, social, and lucid, they often want to be the ones to prepare their own food. On the other hand, in-laws with dementia symptoms or short-term memory loss are better off dining with the other family members and not to be preparing their own meals. To learn more click here.

When you will be adding another kitchen to your place, you should satisfy the requirements of your jurisdiction. Requirements may include a basic zoning affidavit and request. If there will not be any kitchen, you do not have to deal with these requirements anymore.

In designing in-law suites, you have to look into what private exterior access you can give your in-laws. This is often a lifestyle kind of issue. To maintain privacy, some active or social parents may want an entrance of their own. For this case, ensure that the entrance is covered, safely located, and well-lit. Make sure to create an accessible parking area as well. Give your old folks some social privacy.

As much as you want to create second flood home additions to your house, your in-law suite should be located at the main level of your house. This is the place where a lot of shared time takes place between the in-laws and the family. It would be easier for those involved. Installing an elevator can be great if they insist to have the in-law suites on the second floor. So long as you got the budget, then you can go with this option. Ensure to have an interior access available to the main house that you have. With this informal access, location is not vital. Also, keep this access as handicap accessible as it can be for present use and possible use in the future. Find more info by clicking the link.