Top Parks In Halifax, NS B3J 3N2

Parks provide a calming and soothing outing for any age group of people. They have a variety of activities that happen throughout the year, which are a means of entertainment for the daily crowd. These parks are well maintained and help to sustain a large area of vegetation. They are important to balance the environment and keep the carbon dioxide levels on the lower side. Some of the top parks in Halifax are:

Point Pleasant Park Point Pleasant Park is a forested area in the southern tip of Halifax and is maintained by the regional municipality. It was once home to several artillery batteries. This is the oldest Martello tower in the whole of North America. The park is huge and has well-maintained lawns and a big playground.

Sir Sandford Fleming Park This massive 95-acre urban park is located in a tightly knit community of Jollimore, which is present in the Halifax regional municipality. Constantly referred to as the Dingle Park because of its wooded valley, Sir Sandford Fleming Park provides a peaceful environment with a park and well laid walking paths.

Victoria Park Victoria Park is a massive urban park located in the Spring garden road in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This park has multiple monuments that were placed during the British invasion and include statues of Robert Burns, William Alexander, and Sir Walter Scott. The park has a huge fountain in the center and beautifully mowed lawns surrounding it.

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