Demons And Their Different Types

Demons are disembodied spirit beings which do possess an intense craving to occupy the physical bodies. The first choice of demons is a human body and there are other disembodies condition which are willing to enter in the bodies of animals. Demons have no bodies but they do have a normally accepted mark of personality. For instance, they have a will, emotions, they are intellect, they have self-awareness and as well they have an ability to speak. The origin of demons have two main theories one being that they are some of the fallen angels which are associated with Satan in his rebellion against God and the other theory is that they are disembodied spirits of a pre-adamic race that perished under some judgment of God although this has not been detailed well in the scripture. There are thus different types of demons and they do target and attack people for different reasons and situations. These types of demons are as discussed below:

First, we have sexual orientation demons and in here it is believed that there exist demons which do encourage companionship between people of the same sex as one way of breaking down some heterosexuals and this is believed to be particularly true for those people who do abuse alcohol or even who use drugs or who have great shame and also fear about the sex due to some strict religious upbringing. Gay marriages which sometimes lead to strife and chaos are believed to involve demons. The other type of demon is the bad mood demons. This kind of demons can be caused by one letting pessimism to grow in him or her and not protecting oneself against negative energy and this can, in turn, let little demons to come running. So as to avoid this, one should thus try and look on the brighter side and have some hope in his or her life. The other type is religious demons and these are demons which are fueled by guilt, fear or even shame of their host and can derive some great pleasure mostly in convincing their targets to do some terrible things. At the same time, religious demons can also encourage their targets to be very intolerant in the name of their religion. Religious demons also do target those people who do express some negative sentiments against religion or even new age tenets. The other type of demons is drug demons and these demons mostly do attack those who use drugs regularly for they can allow the demons to take full control of their lives. Learn more here!

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