How to Troubleshoot Hp Printer Error State Issue in windows 10

Troubleshoot Hp Printer Error State Issue in Windows 10

Let us have a quick review of the troubleshooting guide to fix or troubleshoot HP Printer error state issue. These errors can popup due to multiple reasons & here we suggest few troubleshooting tips

Do You Receive Any Error Message On Your Screen?

As the error popup, you will receive an error message and this is an indication to start the troubleshoot at the earliest

Let us try to fix the error executing the troubleshooting guide

Tips to help you to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error State Issue to get the print outs in excellent quality and speed

• Check the printer offline settings to disable it. Besides you can also run the HP Print and scan doctor tool

• Fix all the cables to exact slot. If not take out the cable and connect it back again • Test the power connection to detect the power issues

• Update the printer driver and you can visit the respective webpage to download & install the compatible version

• Scan your device once with the available scan tools and make sure that there are no malware or harmful files

• Clear the jammed or stuck papers inside and then start your print jobs

• Delete or stop the exiting print jobs and start to print once again

• Check if you have loaded the paper and placed the Printer cartridge to the exact slot

• Perform a manual reset or restart and then check if you can get rid of the error

The above tips can help you to fix HP Printer Error State Issue

In addition, if you require more guidance to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error State Issue, recommend you to read the articles & blogs available