How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Connecting HP printer to Wi-Fi

Today, everything is dominated by technology. And, why should printing not have fun? Thus, we see printing too fully adapting itself to today’s technological evolutions. The way printing is executed today is very revolutionary; we have got the wireless mode of executing print jobs. You and your printer can be in different places but you can still print using the wireless network. Moreover, HP has introduced wireless printing in both laser and DeskJet model printers and thereby has introduced better printing experience to its customers.

Procedures to connect an HP Printer to Wi-Fi

• Firstly, unbox your printer and take it out carefully

• Then check if you have got all the components of your printer

• Read through the set-up manual to get a basic idea on Printer set-up

• Then, switch on your PC connected the wireless network

• Also, take note of your Network name and password, you should key them whenever prompted

• Then, arrange your printer, PC, and the router within the recommended range

• Next, switch your printer on and tap the wireless icon on the printer’s control panel

• Now, click on the settings and pick Wireless settings

• Then, tap on wireless setup wizard and then, key your network credentials

• You can see that the Network connectivity is established successfully.

• Eventually, click on 'Ok' button, you have connected your HP printer to Wi-Fi

To know more on the Wi-Fi set-up instructions visit or dial our customer support to get support over the phone.