To Our customers

June 7, 2016

The Closure of Spectrum, one of the largest Art Glass Manufacturers in the U.S. and the temporary cease and desist of Bullseye Glass Co. has devastated the Glass Art Industry.
Stained glass artists, Glass blowers, Fusers and glass shops all over the country have been massly affected and may all but cease to exsist. Because of this catastrophic event, the price of glass has skyrocketed and is being rationed. While we are doing our best to handle this tragedy, we have been forced to raise our prices for the first time ever to compensate for the dramatic increase in material cost. We have ONLY raised the price to reflect the rising glass cost, and are eating the cost in other areas to soften the price change for you, our customers.
We are also streamlining our product line to counter the rarity of glass, and
many items will be discontinued to allow the production of new designs.
If you saw a piece you liked at a previous show and it is marked for retirement, this may be your last chance to grab it before it's gone!

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and hope you will continue to collect and enjoy our stained glass while we are able to make it.


The team at Window to the Soul