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One of the things that makes Los Angeles, California such a beautiful place to visit is the plethora of incredible top churches. In addition to the countless religious services held each Sunday, there are also plenty of beautiful, attractive museums and art galleries to be found in this city. And no trip to Los Angeles would be complete without seeing one of the most famous cathedrals in America: the Hollywood Studios. Here are just some of the many amazing places to see while visiting the state:

Hollywood Studios - Anyone who has ever visited Hollywood knows that it is an amazing place. But for those who have never been here, there is a great tripadvisor site called Local Travel that can help you find your way around town. The site provides a list of all the hotels, as well as all the restaurants, shops, and other attractions in the area. You can even read candid photos of Hollywood stars and visit their personal pages on the site. A trip to this iconic site with a group of friends can be a truly memorable experience.

Santa Barbara Mission - While the mission area of Los Angeles is definitely filled with churches, it must be said that the Santa Barbara Mission is one of the most important sites to see. This is because this church was one of the original settlements established by the Spaniards here in America. It is home to a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as two historic buildings that were destroyed during World War II. No trip to Los Angeles is complete without at least viewing one of these incredible churches.

Santa Barbara de Ensenada - Also located in Los Angeles county is the beautiful town of Santa Barbara de Ensenada. This is the oldest settlement on the west coast of California, dating back to 1776. Today, this region of southern California houses a number of notable historic buildings that have been preserved by the local preservation groups. You will certainly enjoy stopping by the spectacular Spanish mission-style church and beautiful museum. In fact, you may even want to take some time to tour some of the other fantastic cultural centers and arts centers in this quaint region of Los Angeles.

The top churches in Los Angeles include both cathedrals and other beautiful structures. Most of these great places of worship are designed to look both traditional and modern, while still retaining a distinctly Old World flavor. You should certainly not leave any place without at least taking a peak at one of these stunning churches. Your next trip to the greater Los Angeles area should be planned around a stop at one of these wonderful destinations.

In addition to the famous cathedrals and other important historical sites, there are also a number of other great locations for tourists to visit in the greater Los Angeles area. For example, tourists must visit the Whittier Cathedral and the Franklin Canyon Zoo. These must visit tourist attractions are two very popular locations that are very close to many of the other fascinating and interesting places of interest in the cities of Los Angeles and its suburbs. A combination of good transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, and cultural experiences is certainly the perfect way to see this wonderful region of California.

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