Things to Look for in a Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

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Purchasing a water dispenser Dubai requires thought. After all, when you rent or buy a water-dispensing unit, then you would like it in addition to being suitable in the long run. Which are the variables on which to base your pick? Let us look at the advantages they give and some of the qualities of water packs.

The Type of Dispenser

There are just two dispenser kinds:

Bottle fed -- as its name implies, water is provided via a jar that often, sits along with the unit and can be a gravity fed system. Since the faucet is opened, water'drops' and can be fed via a filtration method. On some versions, this water bottle is concealed behind a board but on others, is visible.

Mains-fed -- also known as plumbed-in water packs, these units take their water from a rising main. They cannot be employed with a method before being fed via a system, where the water is stored in a tank. Frequent mains-fed water heaters, in high areas are ideal in any public or workplace space.


Water dispensers UAE most fundamental produce chilled or ambient water on demand. Ambient refers to'atmosphere temperature', for want of a better description. Though chilled water is in demand during hot summer months chilled or surrounding water is an individual preference.

There are water dispensers in UAE that offer a third option: hot water. In the touch of a button, hot water at the temperature for tea and coffee is dispensed. This makes taking a rest along with your brew.

Water Kind

As well as ambient hot and chilled water, there is.

Sparkling water can also be a feature on some of our own water dispensing machines. In fact, a number of our units come with differing mixtures of water temperatures.

The Waterlogic 4 is available as a free-standing and counter top unit. Choose from five mixtures;

Cold just

Cold and Surrounding

Cold and sparkling water

Extra hot and maintain

Extra hot, cold and sparkling

Some of these combinations can be found in the free-standing model only.


To know the capacity of this water dispenser UAE, you want to have some sort of comprehension of the amount of usage of this machine. For a water dispenser dispense the cups of water that you need, and to offer a high degree of convenience, it has to easily meet with demand.

Capacity is measured in cups per hour. You may wonder, particularly in the instance of a unit that is mains-fed , why this matters because, certainly it is a case of turning on a tap?

Water that's clean, free from chemical residue, sediment and water-borne germs is dispensed by our units. That is because when you open the faucet or press on the button, water passes through carbon filters and other cleaning procedures to ensure that tastes great. This requires a little bit of time and units will have a capability indication that is per cup.

For example, the Waterlogic WL3 mains-fed freestanding water cooler dispenses 60 cups of cold water one hour and 100 hot water cups per hour (cups are 150ml).

Floor standing or counter top

The choice is whether to opt for counter-top unit or a floor position.

Floor standing dubai water dispensers work in a workspace where you have the ideal place this means, where it can be accessed by people and where it is within a metre of a electric outlet.

Units are a version of its cousin - smaller in size but not capability.

Both are options that are great it you wish to transfer the water dispenser, for example as to the board space or into another room at other occasions. Mains-fed water packs are fixed in their place you'll need to give its place some notion.


Water dispensers are parts of equipment that match all interior design schemes. As an example, there is a range of units which take inspiration from columns. Or you can decide on the modern designs with curved edges.

They are also available in various colours, with some units coming in white, black or gray.

Rent or Purchase

All you want to determine is whether to rent a water cooler or to buy your own. There are pros and cons to both, something our staff will be happy to go over with you -- Place your order here!