vladimir burik wins the first puzzlerium championship of optimization puzzles


Vladimir Burik is the winner of the championship.* Congratulations Vladimir! Updated table of standings along with the best submitted solutions can be found here. The participants found very impressive solutions to three of the puzzles. Best solution (my construction) for one of the puzzles can be found in this file. Also is available a compilation of all the submissions in this zip file. Thank you for participating.

* : I had earlier announced that Hugo was the winner. There were errors in Hugo's solution to Puzzle 4, that I did not notice earlier. I just went over again to see it was fine and found these errors (two pairs of rectangles of the same area touching by the side). Unfortunately for Hugo, I cannot modify the solution to give a few points as it may be unfair to others. Instead I had to disqualify the solution. It is so unfortunate that he had perceived "two rectangles of the same area cannot touch" as "two similar rectangles cannot touch".

It is worth mention that the winning entry was just stunning : 17 rectangles with 17 points.

Please accept my apology for the mixup.