Maya's Digital Portfolio

Internship Reflection

Going into LINK I was really nervous because I didn’t have any photography experience in a studio setting. However, I was coming in with a portfolio and most of the equipment that I needed, camera, lenses, etc. There were many things that I learned during the link. I developed a lot of really helpful skills that will help me build a career in photography. For example, how the business aspect of photography works. There are a lot of different skills that go into having your own photography. Such as communicating with clients, editing photos, scheduling, pricing, setting up the studio, etc. I got to learn a little about all of these things. The most important skill that I developed was how to make the clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. There were many times when the clients come into the studio and are extremely nervous to be photographed. I got to learn how to gradually build up their confidence and make them feel really good as well as appreciate their bodies. Though this was an amazing experience, there were many challenges that I dealt with. One is how long the shoots lasted. Most of the days that I had were five to eight-hour shoots and that entire time you don’t stop moving and have to work really hard. I didn’t realize that being a photographer was so exhausting. However, I learned that to conquer this challenge I needed to make sure I got enough sleep and was eating snacks and drinking enough water. When I did this I had more energy and felt better throughout the day.

I played a big role in this company. Most of the time it was only me and my mentor that was in the studio, because of this there was a lot to do. We had to make sure that we had enough time to set up and takedown during the day. She also really needed me during shooting because there are a lot of little things that I have to fix and help with. Such as, fixing hair or makeup, or choosing a wardrobe, even hold a fan to blow the client's hair. This internship has prepared me for the rest of my life and career so much. I learned so much that will help me build my portfolio and start my own business. I could not have asked for a better experience and I am excited to continue my internship throughout the summer.