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Roxy McKnight, a founding teacher of Animas High School, left our school earlier this year. Known for her loud and outgoing personality, Roxy taught digital art to new Ospreys and advanced digital art and photography to upper-level students.

Roxy started with Animas as a young 22-year-old, fresh out of college and setting up our school at the strip mall. She was 23 when the doors opened in the fall. She explains the Animas founders started working in July 2009, spending hours and even days deciding which habits would make Animas what it is today. She grew the digital arts curriculum from the ground up and helped students build their Photoshop and website-making skills throughout the year. The majority of her freshpeople loved the Teacher Creature project, now an AHS tradition, where they got to mess with their teachers by putting their faces on different creatures and even celebrities.

The students often refer to Roxy as the teacher they felt comfortable going to if they needed help or support. Sophomore Nico Peterson refers to Roxy by explaining, “She was constantly supportive of the person, not the problem. Whatever you needed, she would get done, regardless of what it took.”

Roxy was always the kind of teacher who wanted to help students with both school and any other life problems they faced. She says in an interview, “I wouldn't be who I am today without Animas. Being an Osprey changed my life. The connections I made and the humans I’ve gotten to love are remarkable. I couldn’t be luckier to have a heart this full of love for my students and feather rustling co-educators. Never forget that project-based life can become a passion project-based mentality. Go slow to go fast. Be kind to each other forever and always, never stop taking it in.”

Senior Maya Olivier remarks, “Roxy was my support system for all three years that I experienced at Animas High School. I came in as a fresh sophomore transfer that had many struggles. I remember every problem I had, whether mental or in school. She was always the first one to tell when something was up. Every time whether I wanted to or not, she would help me open up and feel better. I will miss her when I graduate and for the rest of my life, and I hope to stay in contact with her.”

Roxy will be greatly missed at Animas High School, but she will move on in life and experience new and exciting things in the graphic design and photography world. As she would say, she will always take in new things all around her, and she would tell the students of Animas High School to continue to TAKE IT IN KIDS!!

Feature story/reflection

Maya Olivier Quill Photo Editor

As the 2021 first semester begins to come to a close Animas High School senior Maya Olivier is grateful to start to see the graduation finish line. She can already hear Sean Woytek saying her name as she walks to get her diploma. Talk about senioritis!

Maya reflects by saying, “I am surprised that I did it, I have been so busy the entire school year. I can’t believe that I have kept good grades and still stayed ahead in most things in my life.

Maya has played a big role in the Animas Quill this year, she is the photo editor of this year's Quill staff. During submission of the first issue she says, “I had many photos to edit including up until the last minute at two o’clock in the morning when she received a text from Jessica voicing that she had put more photos in the folder to edit.”

Maya goes on and voices that she has learned a lot this year and is excited to have a leadership role this year. She goes on in saying, “I have learned a lot about leading and journalism as a whole this year. For example, I learned that most times in order to have a good photo for the newspaper that I am happy with, I often have to take it myself. This proved to be difficult this year because of all the other things I had going on. Although I managed to get a lot of my own photos in the published issue of The Quill this year and hope to have many more in the next issue.” Maya has her own photography business, so she tends to hold herself to a high standard when it comes to the photos that she takes. Jessica always tells her that they don’t have to be perfect. But she disagrees.

Maya has been very busy this semester, and says she will be just as busy next semester. Maya says, “I am happy to be a part of the Quill this year and hope to put in even more work and effort that I am proud of in the last semester of my high school career, if I graduate…”