Guidelines on Hiring Wedding Catering Services

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It can be a hard task to choose your wedding caterer. More than half of the budget on your wedding is consumed by food and drinks. As you will be spending a lot on catering, you need to hire services that provide you with quality services. Another prime factor of your event other than the vows will be the food and drinks. A reputable catering company will surely leave your guests talking about your event for a long time. The hunt for a caterer for your wedding can get tricky sometimes. Choose your caterer after finding a venue. Some venues provide on-site catering, while for others you have to seek for the services yourself. This article will give you the factors to consider when hiring a caterer. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the wedding catering Baltimore.

First of all, you need to figure out your budget. As stated before, catering can take up to half of your wedding budget. In order to ensure you spend wisely do careful planning. Once you allocate a sum to catering, you can find the company that meets your food and drinks requirements and also that is affordable. Catering companies offer packages and you can choose the best for you from them. It's wise to inform your caterer on your budget so that they recommend the best package for you. A reputable caterer will give you sample menus that fit your taste and budget.

It is very important to discuss with your venue about what is inclusive of the fee for the venue. If your venue doesn't provide linens or dinnerware, find out if the caterer you are planning to hire does. Your fee will be higher if you require this. You should ask your caterer to give you a quote inclusive of VAT. Getting a quote with no VAT will lead to unexpected costs. Make sure you have many proposals for the catering. With these, you can compare cost, service and menu options. Give your caterer the headcount and get the specifics. Your caterer will propose the number of courses, waiters, bartenders, coordinators, and chefs. With this kind of information from multiple caterers you can narrow on your choice. Be more curious about the information that we will give about event catering Baltimore.

Doing a tasting is very important. A tasting will ensure you are happy with your menus and give you the chance to make adjustments. Tasting also gives you an opportunity to see firsthand the quality and presentation of your caterers work. It is impractical to have a tasting with all the caterers you are considering, have it with your top three choices. Many caterers will offer you tasting on assigning them the job. However, you can see their work by attending one of their events. These tips will ensure you make a good choice.