Introduction Thanks to the Internet, marketing methods have also adapted and changed in the last two decades. Banner ads, flash videos, and other methods are popping up like wildfire on websites all over the place. But the one tried and true method that seems to work better and surpass all others is email marketing. This form of marketing reaches the customer directly, and can be custom created to fit the shopper's needs based on past history, personal preference, and much more. While email marketing is an excellent way to garner new customers and maintain old ones, there are some very important things every business needs to know. Here are thirty great tips to getting more people to open up that email every time you send it. Following are a few email marketing tips to get you started.. eMail Marketing Tip #1: Announce Big Sales Always let your email subscribers know when a big sale is coming up. Do not wait until the last minute, however. Give your email list members a fair heads-up, and then send another reminder or two before the big sale day. If the sale stretches across several days, be sure to let them know this as well. If a coupon code has to be used, make absolutely sure it is included in the email.

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9 E-Mail Marketing Tips That Most Internet Marketers Forget

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