Flight Free 2020 aims to bring together 100,000 people per country

who all pledge to stay on the ground for one year.

The idea is that collectively we can make a real difference and

encourage others to reduce their carbon footprint too.

As part of this international movement, we hope to stimulate reflection

about our relationship with airplanes.


It’s human nature to want to do what others around us are doing. That’s why so many people keep flying despite the fact that we are facing an unprecedented climate crisis. We believe that most people would be willing to change their behaviour if they realized how grave the situation is and, above all, if they understood the power of collective action.

In a spirit of good will.

In a spirit of leadership.

In a spirit of living the change we seek.

In a spirit of questioning the status quo.

In a spirit of taking meaningful action

to preserve the planet and all who live on it.

Let’s stay on the ground,

even if only for 365 days.

It’s time to start a healthy and respectful discussion

about the delicate subject of flying.

There has never been a better time to talk about reducing our carbon footprint. We need to look at all our options for taking action, whatever their scale, popularity or ease of access. In addition to staying on the ground, this could include our eating habits, public transit, energy efficiency, zero waste, minimalism and citizen engagement.

Let’s think about the definition of an acceptable lifestyle. And let’s be brave enough to look our out-of-control behaviours in the face. What is the real price of our need to get away from it all, at all costs and at low cost?


« Flight Free 2020 » began as a local campaign in Sweden and has grown to an international movement.

People worldwide are pledging to stay on the ground. The movement is now live in Canada. Likewise, citizens in Sweden, UK, Belgium, France, Germany and Denmark are all working towards the same goal.

Why not join the movement and start a campaign in your own country?

For more information, please contact Maja Rosén: maja@westayontheground.org +46707186858


January 1st - DEcember 31st 2020

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* According to the United Nations' IPCC, we should reduce by half our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in order to stabilize global warming to 1,5 oC. In 2009, the average Canadian will have emitted 13.6 tonnes of CO2**; cutting those emissions down by half would mean emitting 6.8 tonnes instead. Therefore, a round-trip from Montreal to Paris, which would cause 1,8 tonnes of CO2***, would represent 26% of one's carbon-allowance.