Tips in Creating Your Own Custom Button

The button machines are what most of the manufacturers or large groups use to make large batches of buttons. But, for those people who are interested in making their own custom buttons at home or just a small group use, then there can be an easy way in order to make your favorite pin-back buttons. You can simple create your own buttons with your preferred picture, or design, or a slogan, and even reuse the pins on its back and front portion and then change the design if ever you like it.

The things that you will need is the paper, pin back that can come with buttons, scissors, and markers or printer.

First, you must make the artwork for your button. You can print some art into your computer or you can also draw the design for your button with the help of the markers. You need to make sure that the art is the same in shape and size with your button casing. Watch this video about button.

Second, you can open the snap-in button now. This is composed of the back opening with the certain opening for the pin and at the same time a clear plastic on the front. You can also find the casings for the button at the craft stores or in online stores.

Third, you can now insert the artwork into the button from Everyone Loves Buttons. Make it sure that it will fit snugly towards the front of the plastic, then you can snap now the backing right into the pin.

Lastly, you can insert the pin back. The pin back has been assembled already. If not yet, then you can just insert those provided pins into the opening that is located in the back of the pin casing.

If ever that you are making pins of various sizes with the same custom design, then it is good to save the large version like the original and then create some copies from them, resizing the copies as much as possible. IN this way you will not have to create again your design. You can also save paper by simply printing many pin faces that will fit on the single sheet. You can also try to make some designs according to your preference and make sure that you consider the corners or the ends of the design so that it will still look good when placed in the button pins at