Popular Types of Equipment Rental In MD

The larger the task, the more powerful the tool. If you're a construction business owner, you already know that as your business grows and you take on greater assignments, you'll need to invest in heavier, more expensive equipment.

Equipment rental in MD has grown increasingly popular among contractors for those wishing to optimize their investment while cutting costs and retaining financial flexibility.

Construction equipment is expensive to buy. Spending money to expand your fleet of heavy machinery and other equipment when you have a massive job to accomplish can be time-consuming. Renting, on the other hand, can be quick and simple.

Popular Types of Construction Equipment To Rent

These are the ideal rental options for getting your next project up and running as quickly as possible.

High-Reach Lifts

If you want to get the work done securely and successfully, you'll need to rent high-reach machinery from a reliable equipment rental company in Maryland for everything to work in elevated work areas from multi-story structures to commercial properties with high ceilings. The following are examples of high reach equipment that can be rented:

  1. Boom lifts
  2. Scissor lifts
  3. Rough terrain scissor lifts
  4. Articulated knuckle booms
  5. Towable boom lifts
  6. Atrium lifts
  7. Telescopic boom lift

Reach Forks and Forklifts

Forklifts and reach forks are two of the most widely used types of construction equipment and are excellent machines to rent for heavy lifting and loading. The following are some of the most common forklifts and reach forks:

  1. Warehouse forklifts
  2. Side loaders
  3. Telehandler Pallet jack
  4. Rough terrain forklift
  5. Order pickers
  6. Industrial forklift
  7. Counterbalance forklift

Skid Loaders

Skid loaders could be the most cost-effective alternative if you have a major construction project that requires a variety of different equipment but your budget only allows for one. Consider renting a skid loader if you're planning to undertake the following:

  1. Site cleanup
  2. Demolition
  3. Excavation
  4. Brush clearing
  5. Farming
  6. Construction
  7. Snow removal
  8. Road construction and maintenance


Excavators are widely used equipment rental in MD in a variety of earth movement and building applications. A mini-excavator may be the best option if you have a modest construction project. Mini-excavators are simple to transport and leave a smaller footprint on both business and residential property. If you are undertaking the following jobs, renting an excavator may be beneficial:

  1. Trenching
  2. Digging
  3. Construction
  4. Demolition
  5. Plumbing

Other Equipment

Being a construction contractor does not imply that you require only large and complicated construction machinery. If you're working with a domestic client, you will need some smaller items to get the job done right. Renting tools for plumbing, landscaping, moving, and other projects can save you money. For illustration, why buy a dehumidifier entirely if you only need it for a one-time project? Here is a list of some of the most commonly rented residential items:

  1. Generators
  2. Utility trailers
  3. Dump trailers
  4. Light towers
  5. Lawn and Garden equipment
  6. Concrete mixers
  7. Concrete cutters
  8. Rollers
  9. Power tools
  10. Single-handed surface grinders
  11. Rotary electric hammer

Construction Equipment Rental Benefits

Many professionals discover that renting construction equipment allows them to complete projects faster and without the burden of making large monthly payments. When you begin your next construction project, consider the following reasons for having equipment rental in MD:

  1. Save money on equipment upkeep.
  2. Save money on equipment parking and storage.
  3. At any time, you can expand your construction fleet.
  4. Get the most up-to-date construction equipment models.
  5. Guaranteed equipment efficiency and availability

Why Should You Choose RentEquip For Equipment Rentals?

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So, if you're looking to cut costs, use a certain item for a limited time, or simply desire the flexibility and low-maintenance benefits of construction equipment rental, get in touch with Rent Equip, the best Equipment Rental Company In Maryland.

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