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Stamford Connecticut is a Connecticut town on Long Island Sound where the Sound crosses over to the west shore. To the north, you can see Greenville, New Jersey. From downtown, Stamford Museum & Nature Center features exhibits on cultural and natural history, a 1929 mansion overlooking the river. Its grounds include a massive educational garden, an old-fashioned playground and an observation tower. The housing market in Connecticut is in need of revitalization. Connecticut ranks 10th in the nation for per capita income. Only New Hampshire and Massachusetts have higher incomes than Connecticut. It appears that the rapidly aging population will play a large role in this statistic. The rapid population growth will add to the demand for more affordable housing.

Over the next decade the state of Connecticut is projecting increases of approximately 10% in its population. Due to the rapid growth, the number of people moving to the state from other states is also on the rise. With a population base that consists of older adults, the number of jobs available in this local population will be able to support the increase in population without the need for new homes. There are more than three times as many jobs in Connecticut than there are residents, so the local economy can continue to prosper without significant outside help. Because of the growth rate and the relatively high number of local jobs, the real estate market in Connecticut continues to boom. Real estate markets generally have higher values when there are more local jobs to draw buyers. Connecticut is no exception to this rule. Home values have reached record highs in Connecticut while the national housing market has suffered. In keeping with the recent trend of up-and-coming communities rather than new developments, many of the older homes in Connecticut have been transformed. Many of the new homes being built now offer both living space and outdoor activities.

Newicut River Farm is one example of a newly built community that offers residents both living space and outdoor amenities. This newly constructed community has five swimming pools, tennis courts, a huge basketball court, several houses with pools, and a club house that provides meeting space for residents. This community is located right on the Connecticut River in Oak Bluffs. This recreational area is fully equipped to entertain young and old. Overall, the recent growth in the Connecticut housing market has created many positive opportunities for both homebuyers and sellers. Connecticut's national and local economy will continue to prosper as the national and local populations remain stable. Real estate markets typically do not move quickly enough to create a shortage of units. As long as jobs and population continue to grow, the Connecticut housing market will remain strong.

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Stamford, Connecticut is one of the most beautiful cities in Connecticut. It is located on Long Island Sound in Connecticut. North of New Haven, the city of Stamford Museum & Nature Center houses exhibits on cultural and natural history, from a restored mansion to an authentic botanical garden. Its grounds feature an ornate educational farm, a pond and an observation tower. The woodland-green Mianus River Park contains a beach, trails and wooded areas. The Connecticut Zoo is another destination point for vacationers in the New Haven area. Along with the zoo, the Audubon Society of New Haven and the Greenwich County Zoo are other points of interest in the area. The library of Stuttering Hall, a historically preserved residence for deaf children, houses a permanent exhibition on birds and other wildlife.

The Connecticut Zoo offers a family-friendly summer tour of its gardens, open to the public. On an all-day trip through the gardens, kids will enjoy free admission. Other attractions include the Science and Technology Museum in Connecticut, the Connecticut Culinary Institute at the George Washington University, the New Haven Museum and the Science and Environmental Science Museum in Connecticut. Between these various points of interest, tourists in Connecticut have a great deal to see and do. In addition to the aforementioned family attractions, visitors to stamford also have a choice of outdoor activities. Hunting is legal in the state of Connecticut, though it is strictly limited to hunting wild game. The state parks in the area provide several different opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Hiking is another popular pastime here, as there are a number of walking tours throughout the park system. Of particular interest to nature lovers are the numerous hiking trails through the parks. The town of Stratford was incorporated as a town in the year 1739. The towns motto is "An inspiring place for vacationers and immigrants alike." In the year 1739, there was a light tower erected in the center of town to help fortify the defense of the settlements. Today, that same tower stands tall above the town square, helping define the town's skyline. Another popular destination is the city of East Hampton, which is only about a mile from the north end of Stratford. Here, you will find the East Hampton Lighthouse, which has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum that houses this historic lighthouse is the East Hampton Museum and the John Hancock Museum. The museum features a number of lighthouses-in addition to a large collection of art and maritime memorabilia.

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Stamford Connecticut is located on the scenic Connecticut River. To the east are Sayville, Monroe and Westport. To the north are New London, West Hartford, Wallingford and Suffield. It is home to several notable Connecticut towns and landmarks. Stamford is a Connecticut town on Long Island Sound, just south of New York City. Nearby are Westport and Sayville. Its grounds contain an interpretive garden, an educational museum and a observatory. Its waterfront includes an athletic field, a park and a nature preserve. The town's first post office was established in 1816.

Today there are two hotels, the Courthouse Square & thestall, both in historic downtown. The Courthouse Square has an American Red Cross Gallery, public library, fire station and restaurant. Thestall, across from the Courthouse, has a restaurant and a movie theater. The most visited landmark in St. Martin is the Roman Catholic Cathedral. Built in 1869, it is the tallest church in the state. One of its features is a statue of Virgin Mary. Located directly in front of the Cathedral, the church features beautiful stained glass windows and seven statues depicting different saints. The second largest public building in Stamford is the Old Saint Savidge Square.

Founded in 1825, it is one of the oldest shopping centers in the State. Home to over 100 stores, it features numerous antique shops, clothing boutiques and food outlets. Next to the Shoppes is the South Station Plaza, which features a pedestrian walkway linking the Shoppes to the mall. Surrounding the plaza is the Stamford Theater, which has four theaters that house multiple screens. The theater is also home to the world's first multiplex movie theater. Traveling to Connecticut is easy by air. Several airlines fly to New Haven, including Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines andJet Airways. Some companies specialize in charter flights, and there are charter services from major companies such as Carnival Cruise Line & Holland America.

You can even find spur of the moment travel deals to interesting destinations like Portland, Maine! With so much to see and do in Connecticut, it is easy to become overwhelmed! Living in Connecticut, you have many wonderful reasons to move here. The weather is often mild, and there is a strong economy in the state due to the fact that many large companies are based in Connecticut. This economy fuels much of the tourism that supports the state. What makes Stamford Connecticut so attractive to retirees? Well, it's got something for everyone - both retirees and active people alike. Work at home possibilities abound in this town, with several great schools to choose from, and great job opportunities in the high-paying fields of medical and technology.

As an active retiree, you can easily find a great job in the business field that you love. Home is where the heart is, and this small town of Stamford Connecticut gives you both with its rich history and vibrant, historic places to visit. Your new home will be in an area with a good quality of life and great economic growth. This is a town where neighbors and friends mingle, and where you will be able to make close relationships with your new community. You'll enjoy living in a community that is close and friendly, where you have easy access to everything you need - including local stores, grocery stores, and your new home. You'll also have access to great jobs that are available throughout the town and state - a better lifestyle than many of your neighbors.

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