Things to Know When Applying For a Passport

When you are planning to travel outside your country having a passport is usually a requirement, and you cannot be allowed to leave your country or enter another country without having one. People usually have a choice that they can choose from either a passport card or a passport book depending on someone's type of travel. Most people usually prefer applying for a passport card as it is usually more affordable and much smaller than the booklet. It can fit on someone's pocket with so much ease, therefore, it usually quite easy for someone to carry around without it getting lost. When it comes to affordability, many people can be able to afford to buy a passport card as it is usually half the price of a passport book.

One thing someone should note is that the card tends to have limited uses; one can only be able to use the card if they are traveling to countries in the western hemisphere travel initiative. You can use it if you are traveling either by land or sea depending on the mode of transport is comfortable for someone. If you want to travel by air, then one needs to apply for a passport book. Watch this video about passport.

When you want to apply for a passport book, you need to know that the fees tend to vary depending on someone's age. It also varies if someone is applying for the first time, replacing for a lost one, stolen or damaged passport book. An application for a new passport book for an adult is usually 110 dollars while else for a minor is 80 dollars. Both minor and adults need to pay an extra 25 dollars when submitting for the DS11 which is usually paid to the agent whereby the application is submitted. The applications are usually submitted either at a local application acceptance facility or a regional agency, click here!

When someone is unable to prove that they are us, citizens, then someone needs to pay a fee of 150 dollars. The money is used by the agency to search for the applicant's previous passport or consular report of birth abroad. In a 24-page passport book, it usually has only 16 visa pages; therefore, it cannot be sufficient for someone who travels a lot and if you already have such a book, you will be needed to pay an extra 82 dollars so that you can apply for additional pages. The good thing is that if your passport has errors, you will not be charged when you apply to correct the data errors, read more here!