Why People Love Gulf Shrimp

For those who love seafood, gulf shrimp would a favorite. Gulf shrimp is a shrimp that thrives in warm waters. There are several bodies of water where gulf shrimp is plentiful and one of them is, you guessed right, the Gulf of Mexico. Hence, the name.

The reason why gulf shrimp is popular among seafood lovers is because of its taste. It is quite distinct from the taste of pond raised shrimps. Gulf shrimp is wide ranging and feeds on a lot more nutrients which give it a fuller flavor. This also means that the flavor of different species of the shrimp would be different from another. Their flavor depends on what specie feeds on. The Gulf of Mexico is vast and the nutrients found in a certain area would be different from the nutrients found in another area.

There are three major fresh gulf shrimp species - the white shrimp, the brown shrimp and the pink shrimp. The white shrimp is favored by many chefs for it crunchy and sweet flavor. The brown shrimp has fuller flavor and firmer texture. The pink shrimp has mild flavor and it meat is firm.

Seafood restaurants will have a variety of jumbo gulf shrimp menus. Even regular restaurants will have their own shrimp recipes as well. You can easily eat this restaurant when you want to treat yourself and the family with some really delicious shrimps. But if you are somebody who loves preparing meals for the family and friends, it would give you a lot of pleasure if you can try some of your fresh gulf shrimp recipes right in your own kitchen.

Unfortunately, fresh gulf shrimp is difficult to find in the fish markets. Usually deliveries are quickly snapped up by seafood lovers like you. Moreover, because of the high demand, the price can be quite high. Know more about crabs at http://www.ehow.com/how_5059661_cook-crabs.html.

You can save the trip to the fish market by trying some of the online dealers of gulf shrimp. Online sellers generally are based near the shrimp is caught, so you are sure you are getting fresh gulf shrimp. They sell gulf shrimp in all sizes. You can order colossal shrimp or jumbo gulf shrimp. In case you are looking for other seafood products ordering from online sellers like crab dynasty is convenient. It sells a variety of seafood like crabs and others.

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