How to Choose the Right Sod for your Yard

It is always the dream of every homeowner to have a lush green lawn. The sod you choose can help you achieve your goal of having a green lawn for your yard. Choosing the right sod will play a big role in the overall attractiveness of your lawn. Before you buy sod, you should first prepare your yard carefully then research the best dealers within you who sell quality ones. Laying sod is the easiest and quickest way you can get a green lawn for your yard. There are a few things you need to consider before you buy sod, and some of them are discussed below.

You should check the quality of the sod before buying. When looking for sod, you should check its quality, and it should be at least 1-inch thick. Make sure you carry a tape measure with you anytime you are going to buy sod. If the sod is less than one-inch dep, there are chances that its roots are not well established and you should avoid such. You should also check on the roots of the sod if they are thick as this will expand the underbelly of the sod. You will want to buy quality sod that has thick roots which expands the piece of the sod to make your yard attractive. Look up your sod installation Tampa options here.

If you are to buy rolled sod, you should ensure it has grass on the inside. If you prefer rolled sod pieces, you should check if it has grass on the inside and dirt on the outside as this will help protect the condition of the grass during transportation. Before you buy the sod, you should first unroll and inspect the grass inside to check if it’s healthy and green and if there are weeds present. You should avoid sod that’s brown or yellow as they are unhealthy and won’t survive long in your yard.

Another thing to check when purchasing sod is whether it is fresh or not. You should buy fresh and moist sod if you want it to take root in your yard successfully. The sod should not be necessary dripping wet, but you should ensure its damp to the touch. Make sure to run your hands through the sod to determine its moisture.

Purchasing sod should not be a daunting task with the help of the above-discussed tips. If you keep the above tips in mind, you will buy sod quality sod that will make your yard attractive. Find out more at this article.

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