Feminine Hygiene 101

There is a lot to say about feminine hygiene give the scope that it covers. We are talking about things like what to do during your period, how to take care of your genitals daily, what to do after intercourse and such things. While we could have a whole article on each of the things just mentioned, this article will just give you five general things that every female should know when it comes to feminine hygiene. Here are some of the tips for feminine hygiene. The first thing that that you need to do is to find underwear that has a breathable material. We are talking about materials such as cotton and even linen. When the material of the underwear is breathable, the moisture does not stay locked in between your underwear and your genital area. This may not seem like much but breathable underwear can save you from smelling ‘fishy’ down there and even save you from infection. Trust me, bacteria love warm moist places and when your underwear is not breathable, that is what you are providing them with. While we are in the issue of underwear, change into clean underwear daily.

The ‘fishy’ smell could come from you wearing the same underwear for too long. Below is more info on how to improve feminine hygiene. When you are on your period, you need to shower at least once a day. Of course, some shower up to three times during this time, it is okay because to each there own, however, just ensure you shower daily and properly clean yourself down there when you change your pad or tampon. This will ensure you stay fresh and avoid infections. I know it is not proven that not peeing after sex results in UTIs but after having sex, ladies, you better pee after sex if at all you want to reduce the chances of getting a UTI. It does not have to be immediately so you can still cuddle a bit before you hit the washroom to pee. Still on the issue of sex, cleaning up after sex is always a good idea if at all you still want to smell fresh. Also, depending on your menstrual flow, you will do well to change your pad or tampon as frequently as possible to not just avoid leakages but infections as well. The longer you stay with a pad or tampon the higher your chances of infection are. When cleaning your nether regions keep away from the soap. Soap imbalances the pH of your vagina and its surroundings which can then make you predisposed to yeast infection. Trust me, water is enough but if you need some sort of soap then invest in a feminine wash whose pH is balanced. Learn more from https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-to-unclog-toilet-without-plunger_n_6761628.