Learn More About The Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan silver dollar was a coin that was a coin that was minted and used in the United states from the year 1878 to 1904. It was designed by George T. Morgan from whom the coin's name is borrowed and was the one that replaced the seated liberty dollar after the coinage act of 1973 was passed. The faces of the coin have the face that represents liberty on the obverse while the reverse had the image depicting an eagle with its wings outstretched. The design of the dollar was the eagle that clasped arrows and an olive branch on its talons.

The International Currency designed by the united states assistant mint was authorized by the Band-Allison act which was later repealed by the Sherman Silver Purchase act that required the United States treasury to procure about 140,000 kilos of the silver each month from the firm. The Morgan silver dollar had the values of half of a dollar of the United States currently and was 1.5 inches in diameter with a thickness of 2.4 mm.

That then meant the coin has an approximate mass of about 412 and a half grams. The edges of the coin were leaded. It was composed of 90 percent silver and only 10 percent copper. The design was called the liberty on the obverse and the reverses design was the native eagle. The prints on the coin indicated the place of minting. Cc on the coin meant the coin was minted from Carson City, S meant it was from San Francisco, D represented Denver, O was the sign for coins coming from the New Orleans mint and no print of the place of manufacture meant that the coin was from Philadelphia. Check out some more facts about coins at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/11/trillion-dollar-coin-currency-denominations_n_2457477.html.

These Morgan silver coins were termed as the first standard and close to perfect currency in the United states of those times. From around 1921, the Morgan silver coin has been the most collected making it the most popular. The increase in the number of collectors has caused the price of the silver coin to hike. The 1921 version of this coin that came later on and was minted from Denver is the most desired due to its beauty and historical significance. The coin was responsible for the opening up of the American economy westward. When treasury brought back this particular coin, the dies for manufacturing were special and this brought intrinsic value to the coin and even after the production stopped its legacy never stopped growing.