Some Reasons Why You Should Send Your Children to a Christian Academy

There has been a lot of debates about public education that have been going on and the academic performance among the top rankings in America which has led to most of the parents prefer private schools over the public ones. Around ten percent of the children in America from grade K to 12 have attended private schools and most of them are religious. Christian academies have various benefits which include making the academic performance of the students better and also training them how they can be productive in the society by the time they become adults. According to statistics conducted by the National Center for Education, it is evident that children who get private education for a continuous duration of time have produced better results in all the subjects in all the levels of their grades. See more details at this website about school.

When you compare students who are between the fourth and eighth grade, those in private schools have better performance than those in public education in the basic achievement level, the proficient achievement level and the advanced achievement level by more than seven percent. Children in private institutions are also said to have better grades in the three achievement levels in writing, math, civics, math and U.S. history. According to the study published in the Peabody Journal of Education, there have been many benefits for students in Christian academies at which include narrower achievement gaps by income and race, significant academic benefit and students having better behaviours. The students who attend private schools with teachers who also double up as spiritual leaders can be able to acquire great mentorship from them.

Most of the private schools have less than three hundred students each which make them have a good environment which enables them to give personal attention to the students because it is not easy for them to go unnoticed, whether spiritually or academically. Most parents expect their children to develop both in integrity and intellect when they take them to Christian academies. Most of the alumni who have good achievements to show and who went for training in religious academies are an example of how well the institutions have mentored them as future leaders. There are many leaders who are examples of people who attended Summit Christian Academy or some other faith-based private schools. Among the many private schools that are available, Christian schools are one of the ones which are growing very fast in the country and that is based on the data collected for comparing how enrolment has been from the 1990s to the year 2012.