Things to Know About Corporate Christ

Professionally, Simon Lewis is known as Corporate Christ a Welsh producer, singer and also author who comes from Cardiff, United Kingdom. Corporate Christ was formed on the year 2011 of November. The name was actually taken from the idea of most religious dogma which surrounds capitalism and also such hypocrisy of money-making nature of a lot of religions out there. On social media, he would usually use the tagline which means religion just wants your money. To get more info, visit Industrial Pop. Corporate Christ has a few musical releases. One of which is Pornographer which was the debut album that addressed the difficult past of growing up being a homosexual in a place where this was not really accepted. Also, the album was about his battle with a mental problem which is schizophrenia and also drug addiction and being in the psychiatric hospital for five years. Also, he suffered from such serious bowel disease that nearly killed him in the year 2012. Such debut album is actually a concept album. While he was staying in the hospital for five years, he actually felt that all he could do was only to watch the world from afar just like an adult movie director who could watch all the action but would be unable to take part. It was a really a dark time in his life but he said he is still grateful since such ordeal helped him to overcome that mental illness he was suffering from. To get more info, click Alternative Rock.After he was discharged from that mental hospital or psychiatric hospital, he then got a serious bowel disease and required emergency surgery to be able to save his life. Actually, it took him such a long time to recover and while a lot of people would despair at such endless unfortunate event, he rather focused on his music. Well, the sound of this album was a lot inspired by the bands like Nine Inch Nails and also Marilyn Manson but he also has other influences from electro to dance as well giving him the songs such pop feel in places. In the year 2017, he then released that Synthpop EP. Such has documented the days which follow the suicide of his former boyfriend. As compared to the debut album, the album actually explores a much softer side expressing his feelings following the ex-lover’s death, feelings of grief, insomnia as well as just that feeling of trying to move forward with his life. Learn more from