Using Point of View in The Right Way

The point of view would typically dictate the lens which the story is being told. The details and the thoughts to which the reader would become privy to is dependent on whether you are writing on the first, second, or in the third person point of views.

If you are looking to vary the general feel of a piece that you are creating, then the point of view is actually one of the first thing that you need to consider on changing. When you are going to write from the specific point of view, then the overall character of the narration is subject for change that will go beyond what the typical correcting session using the writing software can actually offer. Learn more of this from this site.

In the first point of view, the narration is being performed in the main voice of the protagonist. If you wanted to write with those personal tone and to which all of the statement is tantamount to that of the first-hand observations and this style is typically what you would like to write under.

In the second person point of view, the stories are told about the reader which is referring to the protagonist as "You". Learn more about POV at

Lastly, in the third person point of view, the stories are being told from the point of view of the third party, detailing all of the observation and those reports of the events for the main protagonist.

The various point of view also has different perceptions depending into the point of view of the person and this perception can actually influence the mind of another person. As the result, they will then end up on agreeing and disagreeing with one another. Whatever the result is, the point of view can actually never go wrong and each of the person must respect to whatever is the second or the third person point of view is. It is very important that you know how to use the three so that you won't give confusion to your readers.

Whichever POW or point of view that you choose to employ for the writing that you make, you need to make sure that you properly block into your paragraphs and what you will reveal to the reader. IF the first chapter is all told from the first point of view, then you cannot just include any thoughts from the other characters of the story. This can give confusion to the readers. Read more from this link.