Point Of View

While doing writing one should carefully consider the point of view for this will make many readers read one's book more. For those who do some fantasy fiction writing, it is very important for the point of view from which one chooses to tell a story will set the overall tone of the book and the point of view will again give the reader some vantage point from which he or she can be able to view the entire story when being unfolded. One should thus choose the correct point of view for this will help the reader connect well with the book's character and it also avoids the confusion of the reader which may be caused by the wrong choice of the point of view. The point of view again in an article will again show how a story or scene is being told by the reader and it essentially answers the question of who is seeing through the story. Different points of view will thus tell the reader different and several things and there are several types of point of views which are as discussed below:

We have the first person point of view and this is the point of view gotten from the main character in a story but this sometimes becomes a challenge to the reader since here the reader will only know what the narrator knows and in case if the narrator is not there, there will be no direct knowledge of what occurred or happened in the story. We again have the second person point of view and here the narrator will try to tell a story so that the reader will be in a position to be more involved in the happenings of the story and this is very helpful since it will help the reader reading the story have some know-how and also knowledge of what happened in the story.

We also have the third person point of view and here the narration is done by someone else rather than the main character and here the reader is allowed to view the story from a totally different vantage point but the main challenge here is that the narrator is only limited and confined to what he or she sees. Check out this website at https://www.encyclopedia.com/arts/culture-magazines/aspects-novel and learn more about POV.

The other kind of narration and point of view is the third person omniscient and here, the narrator will see all and again know all the happenings and here anything which is crucial of the story is being told and here the main challenge is that there is too much information which can overwhelm the reader. Read these!