Writing Secrets: The Importance Of Point Of Views And How It Can Greatly Impacts The Overall Story

Every character has a point of view, this has contributes greatly as to how the story goes. Point of view or POV for short is perspective of the author that he or she wants the reader to see, it is like making someone look through a particular thing through your lens. Perspective matters for the fact that readers cannot grasp the surrounding and the story well if it has a badly written POV.

The reader can actually experience world of the characters directly through the inner thoughts or distantly from the perspective of an objective observer, this helps them understand where the story is going. Click here to get started.

There are actually several ways to write a point of view and in order to elaborate on that, check out the reasons below so that in your next story you would be able to apply the appropriate POV.

First person point of view comes in many different forms, among these are through the protagonist themselves, which is of course the main character. The readers get to experience everything the main character is going through, getting a glimpse of the story through the eyes of the leading role.

First person perspective can also be through another major character or minor character that acts as the narrator in the story in which he or she has an involvement in the events that transpired. Another way to do so is through the eyes of the observer the readers are also able to experience first person point of view, however, they do not necessarily experience the story themselves. Know more about POV at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/pov. Anchor

Second person point of view is generally only used in instructional writing wherein it is told from the perspective of "you". This is not as famous as using first person or third person point of view, however, you can pull it off without sounding too complex.

Third person point of view uses the pronouns he, she, they, or it because most likely the narrator is not a character in the story. It is the most famous used perspective of all since it is can be used effortlessly.

Third person perspective also comes in omniscient, meaning the view is universal and at the same time it is flexible because the narrator know everyone and everything in the story, basically a god-like one. They too can make commentaries because they know everything is connected.

With that said, you can now easily identify one from the other and be able to choose the right point of view for your character in the story. Mix it up a little and see where your little writing experiment can get you. Read this site here.