Lubelife: Risks Of Using Lubricants

Lubricants are a necessary part of life. They keep things running smoothly, help with the pleasurable sensations that come from sex, and make life more enjoyable in general. But there is always a risk when you use them! Here are seven risks to using lubricants. The first risk includes risk loss of arousal. Lubricants can sometimes cause loss of arousal. This means that people stop being sexually excited while they are using lubricants. It isn't necessarily harmful if it only happens once or twice, but it's kind of like when someone eats their favorite food, and then they can't stand it for a while.


They liked the lubricant at first, but then it got to be too much. Another risk is irritation in the genitals area. This happens when people use the wrong type of lube for what they are using it for! For example, using silicone lube on a water-based toy can cause irritation. So this risk is about making sure you are using the right kind of lubricant for what you're trying to do! The third risk is allergic reactions. Not everyone reacts well to all types of lube. When someone comes in contact with something that they are allergic to in a lubricant, their body might react badly.

It's similar to when people are allergic to certain foods. When someone is allergic to something that they come in contact with, their skin can get red and irritated. The same thing happens with lubes! The fourth risk is getting pregnant or catching an STI. This includes any type of lubricants, even natural ones. Sperm can still be alive in pre-ejaculate, no matter if it's skin on skin or with a condom, so this risk is definitely there. It isn't necessarily likely that someone will get pregnant from an STI while using lubricant due to the fact that most people use condoms when they are having sex. To obtain more information please look at this site

The fifth risk is infection. This happens because lubricants do NOT kill bacteria! So if someone has a cut or a scrape, they shouldn't be using a lubricant until the scrape is healed. Using a lubricant on an open wound can cause an infection to develop in the skin. The sixth risk is condom compatibility.

If you use a water-based lube with latex condoms, the latex might lose some of its elasticity. This can make it harder for people to get pregnant! If you are using condoms, make sure that the lubricant is compatible with them. The seventh risk is overuse. Using too much lubricant isn't good. If you keep adding lubricant to your body, it will start to get irritated. This can lead people to stop being aroused while they are using lubricants! So be safe when you use lubricants and make sure that you aren't doing anything dangerous with them.


Check out Lubelife lubricants. Lubelife is a brand that cares about your safety! Their products are made in a way that makes it easy for you to have fun while being safe. So from now on, when someone asks if you want some lube, say yes and bring Lubelife with you!