Veteran Takes Cross-Country Road Trip

Cliff Usrey, a Navy veteran and his girlfriend Mikayka Walker have packed up their 1975 Ford motor-home and started a cross-country drive from California to the east coast of the United States.

By Justin K. Thomas

September 7, 2017

Many people daydream about freely taking a cross-country road-trip across America. However, Cliff Usrey a Navy veteran and his girlfriend Mikayka Walker are going to live this vision because of an unanticipated necessity.

So, they loaded up their 1975 Ford Recreational Vehicle with essentials, got their pet pit bulls, “Chance” and “Dixie” ready and left their central-California home in an effort to make their lives better.

“We really didn’t have a choice,” said Usrey. “Our landlord cut down our fence in our front yard so we could not keep our dogs from chasing the mail man or random people. I realized that no one in California would rent to someone who has two pit bulls. So, we decided to get a motor home and travel. We never really planned on [having a road-trip]. The idea just kind of came to us one night out of nowhere.”

Being that there is no time-limit on their travels, Usrey and Walker plan to take in the sights of the United States and visit familiar people from their past.

“Mikayka and I plan on making the most of this trip,” he said. “We will arrange to visit all the national parks and as many state parks as possible. Places such as Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. In addition, we hope to see friends from my days in the Navy along the way.”

Noting how difficult the trip would be, Usrey says that he and his girlfriend are mentally preparing themselves for the long journey.

“It will be difficult at first,” Usrey said. “We’ll both have to get used to the change. I can’t imagine how the dogs will take it. But, we will manage.”

Usrey’s girlfriend reiterated their trip’s difficulty, but she stated that the “unknown” of the expedition would far outweigh the complexities and make the situation more worthwhile.

“I’m super excited to do this and can’t wait to see what is in store,” said Walker. “I expect this event to mature me as an adult to find out who I really am. Also, I think this will give me a chance to see what the rest of the United States looks like and that in it of itself is priceless.”

As to the future of their tour of America and advice to people preparing for cross-country trips, Usrey and Walker said that it’s the sense of the unexpected that will make it all worthwhile.

“We can’t really give advice to other people preparing to do something similar until we encounter problems or have enjoyable memories,” said Usrey. “You have to remember; it’s out of necessity that we are going to make this trip. But, I can tell you this: ‘We are going to make the most out a negative situation, and that’s what matters.’”