Interesting Facts About Women with Pronounced Butts and Hips

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By Justin K. Thomas

August 3, 2018

Many of us know artists and groups such as Wrex-n-Effects, Sir Mix-a-Lot and Trace Atkins all sung chart-topping songs about the beautiful appeal of women with large butts and sizeable hips. And these tunes have become so ingrained in our psyche that they will go on into musical perpetuity for years to come.

The endless allure for a man’s attraction to women with magnificent curves is established in science and doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

Research conducted by Gordon G. Gallup Jr., a professor of psychology and scholar of the evolution of human intelligence and human reproductive competition concept at the State University of New York at Albany, says that because of human evolution, men who are more sexually attracted to women with large behinds and hips or hourglass figures tended to have more children.

This genetically “woven” tendency comes from a byproduct of our evolutionary history where females who had larger hips and buttocks were more reproductively viable than females with reduced butts and hips, Gallup said.

“Sex appeal or what men find attractive in women today is a by-product of reproductive competition in the past,” he said. “This competition is actually about the perpetuation of one’s genes from one generation to the next.”

In a study conducted by Gallup and Susan M. Hughes, the director of Evolutionary Studies Program at Albright College, it was found that women with hourglass figures had more sex partners than women who have smaller body frames.

“In our research, we found that women with hourglass figures lost their virginity sooner and had more sex partners,” Gallup said. “However, in the same research, we found that men with physical characteristics of broad shoulders and narrow hips also had more sex partners and lost their virginity earlier in life, too."

"Natural selection has operated to put a premium on signals for fertility and to select males who mated preferentially with fertile females. And, women with hourglass figures are more fertile. And males who mated preferentially with fertile females left more descendants.”

According to research, men who are attracted to women with larger behinds and hips tend to have more children.

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Additionally, Gallup said women with larger posteriors provide more of a critical ingredient for the development of their children’s brains.

“All women have gluteal-femoral fat in their behinds,” he said. “And in this fat contains special long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids are provided to the child through breastfeeding. Women with larger butts have more of the acids for their children. And the kids are seen to have greater brain development.”

When it comes to women with more notable hourglass figures and children with larger brains, Gallup explained that this regard comes from a reproductive competition based on increased intelligence and the effect this had on the female body’s.

“Virtually all other primates [our closest genetic relatives] have babies who are born with about 80 percent of their brain already developed,” Gallup said. “Humans are born with between 30 and 35 percent of our brain developed to circumvent problems posed by the size of the human birth canal. Therefore, brain growth and cognitive development in humans were shifted to the postnatal period.”

Gallup also explained that without the female body changing the way it did over time, humans would be entirely different today.

“You can examine and compare fossil records and see that the female pelvis and hip bones began to widen over time,” he said. “But since there were no doctors or c-sections available during the infancy of our evolution, brains couldn’t get any bigger than the size of the birth canal. This natural progression eventually led to babies being born earlier before their heads were too big to be accommodated by the birth canal. If the female body had not adjusted to this development, human brains would not have become what they are now, and we’d still be primitive, ape-like beings with modest-sized brains.”

So, the lyrics to Queen's classic rock hit about fat-bottom girls have indeed helped make the world go 'round in our educational, industrial and technological advancement.