in the summer of 2014, an affable tech entrepreneur named...

...Itay Adam closed a seed round of $2 million with a multinational private equity firm. To secure the funding, Adam made a 5-slide presentation, which featured 18 jokes, but no product of any description.

Why did this experienced private equity firm take what some might consider to be an extraordinary risk? Because they, like Adam, appreciate that nobody really knows what the next big thing is going to be. What they do know is that a team like the one Adam had constructed (i.e. 5 to 6 passionate, hard-working professionals, each aged 35+, who possessed proven track records) had all the ingredients required to create the next big thing.

Uncannily similar in size, experience, age, and attitude, Tailteann also share Adam’s belief that you don’t build a business – you build a team – and they build the business. Willing to now share our experiences in this regard, we offer consultancy to fledgling tech entrepreneurs who feel they may benefit from some gentle guidance. Among the areas we feel particularly comfortable and qualified to advise upon include:

- Organisational Structure Creation

- Team Formation Strategies

- Work Productivity Assessments

- Theory Y Management

- Support Team Construction

- Stakeholder Strategy Formation

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