Coverage Levels Of Car Insurance

People are very passionate about their cars. So they take care of their cars. But no one see the future. If an accident occurs, the car could be damaged. So we have to be alert all time. But this is not possible to secure our wealth all time from accident. Insurance is the solution of this kind of problem. It secured our wealth as well as our property.

Insurance can cover many things. Some of them are:

  1. Insured party may claim their medical treatment fees. It will be within the insurance policy. If it is not included in the policy then anyone can’t claim it.
  2. If the car or vehicle is physically damaged then the insurance company pays the fees or cost of the damaged car or vehicle.
  3. Insurance may cover the cost of the property damaged and injured body also.
  4. If fire explosion occurs or car is stolen by the thief then the insurance company also pays the damage fees of the car or vehicle.
  5. In some incident those who are riding on the car and get injured insurance company may pay the bill for their treatment.

But this is must be mentioned in the insurance policy. If above things are not mentioned in the policy then anyone can’t claim any compensation. But there is also another thing that if anyone wants this claim against damage with corruption and if the insurance company find this then s/he may be go to jail.

Also in all policy there is a clause that no one can hide anything. If the car or vehicle has a fault and insurer hides this and after an accident if the insurance company find these then they have the right to not giving the damage fees. So everyone should be alert with these. Because insurance companies want to help us and we also need their help.