Beware of Some Debt Collectors

Debt collectors have their share of bad apples and without the protection of credit counseling you will have to deal with them. Some agencies out there aren't even legitimate or are, at the very least, "shady." These are the debt collectors that will try to intimidate you or harass you, regardless of the law or your good faith attempts to repay the debt owed. In order to protect yourself, there are a few things you should never do when dealing with a debt collector..

Debt collection agencies should never be given:

• Your cell phone number.

• The phone numbers of family members or friends.

• Verbal promises. Demand the debt collector provides proof of the debt in writing first.

• Any information without verifying the authenticity of the debt collector. Never discuss your debt without first getting the person's full name and the agency's name and phone number and the creditor's name and writing them down.

Understand the Point of View of the Debt Collector

If you are contacted by a debt collector, don't take it personally if they're behaving in a professional manner; instead, figure out a debt management plan or seek help through debt counseling at Cara Daftar 188Bet. Knowing the rules for both sides of this equation is essential in settling any disputes.