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Houston Texas is a port city with lots of historical places and tourist attractions. Whether it is sampling authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, sampling urban barbecue, or simply indulging in upscale dining, the state has lots to offer to tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, food lovers, and families alike. Houston is also the home of the SeaWorld, one of the most famous theme parks in the world. If you're planning to travel to the state to check out all its exciting landmarks, here's a list of top places to visit and some of the best things to do within the city and surrounding areas. One of the main things to consider when travelling to Houston is its rich history and all the landmarks that can be found in the city. The Johnson Space Center, for example, is actually the largest privately owned space in the world. It is designed as a mega-departmental office building and is headquarters to several federal agencies. Tourists who want to know more about the history of the space can take in its exhibits, which are usually located inside the observation deck. Other notable landmarks include the Saturn III launch vehicle base, Launch Pad 39-032, Launch Control, plus the Johnson Space Center Visitor Complex.

Houston is also noted for its rich culture. It is where three well-known musical icons grew up and where many famous musicians now call home. Houston is the home of Bob Seger, Neil Young, along with CPR and The Oasis. Other festivals include the Southwestern Music Conference and the Sturgis Bike Rally. The Katy TX strip is one of the most popular places to hang out during the summer. It houses the first rodeo in Texas, a legendary rodeo that happens to be the oldest in the nation. In addition to all the rodeos, it is also home to many popular barbecue restaurants. One of the area's unique landmarks is the huge structure that sits above the Katy TX Strip. The structure, known as the Towers, is actually the tallest building in downtown Houston and the second tallest structure in Texas. As you may have guessed, Houston Texas is home to one of the largest concentrations of oil refineries in the country. This huge business center attracts thousands of tourists every day.

There are more than a hundred major refineries in the Houston area, but there are also numerous smaller ones. Take a tour of this area with one of the many tour companies in Houston. They can tell you all about the history of the area, including the famous Gulf Coast Birdwatching Area, which was shut down by the nesting of over two hundred species of birds some years back due to the high levels of toxins in the air. No trip to Houston Texas would be complete without taking in one of the many museums in the place. The Hobby Lobby Museum is the pride of Houston and it houses thousands of exhibits. The Galveston Museum of Art is another big draw for tourists. The Wortham Museum of Natural History is also located in this great city and is worth a visit. Whatever your interest, you will never be bored in Houston, Texas.

Fun Things To Do In Houston, Texas 77092

Houston Texas is a world-class tourist destination, offering scenic stretches of beaches, thrilling nightclubs, and an exciting range of hotels and resorts. Houston is a huge metropolitan area in Texas, stretching from Galveston Bay to Beaumont. It is closely connected with the Space Center Houston, an astronautical visitor center at NASA's astronaut training and launch control facility. The city also has a wide array of attractions, including museums, galleries, parks, recreational complexes, and historical landmarks. If you are looking for some of the best Houston attractions, you will have to visit the places that draw the most visitors. These must-see sites include Minute Maid Park, the George R. Marshall Center, and The Zoo. The zoo has numerous exhibits, such as Birds of prey, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. You can even get close to stingrays without having to worry about getting bit or bitten. If you want to enjoy a more educational experience, make sure to check out the George R. Marshall Center, where you can learn about the civil rights and history of Houston. If you want to have a wonderful time during your Houston vacation, you should go to the city's many zoos, aquariums, and parks. For animal lovers, you can visit the Houston Aquarium & Marine Science Center, where you can view different species of animals in their natural habitat. The Houston Museum of Modern Art will let you see some of the most influential artists in the country, including Monet, Warhol, Rothko, atosiban, and Cezanne.

For a more peaceful time in the city, you should consider staying at one of the many hotels that offer serenity at the beach, like the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Houston Harbor Inn. There are also quite a number of historical buildings in the city, like the Astor Place and the Clark House, which you can tour and soak up the history. Houston is home to quite a few museums that would surely make any art enthusiast happy. The most famous one among these is the Hobby Center, which houses a collection of art and collections that span across the entire world. Besides this, there are the San Jacinto Historical Park and SeaWorld, which will surely thrill you with their natural science exhibits and fine arts. Another popular tourist attraction in Houston would be on the Gulf Coast Science Museum, which houses several types of exhibits, like the turtles from the Galveston area, and many others. All of these attractions would keep you entertained and excited for a long time. For a family-friendly Houston attraction, you should definitely visit the Downtown Discovery Museum, which is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. There are various shows that you can catch every week, like the Galveston's Wild Kingdom or the Under the Sea exhibit. The Houston Contemporary Museum of Art would also be a good place to start if you have a taste for contemporary art and culture.

This is an ideal place for a whole family because there are interactive exhibits, live entertainment, and tons of free activities that the whole family can enjoy. For more educational activities, you can also check out the Sea world and the Hobby Center. If art and culture tickle your fancy, then you might want to visit the Houston Museum of Art, which is a great place for both art enthusiasts and people who are just interested in learning more about the visual arts. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is also another good choice, as there are numerous exhibits and hands-on adventures to enjoy. If you are looking for more family-friendly attractions, you can check out places like Six Flags Magic Mountain and Discovery Kingdom. Whether you are looking for sports, historical places, or cultural activities, there are plenty of things to do in Houston Texas.

Things You Should Know About Houston, Texas 77092

Houston Texas is the third largest city in Texas. Houston is a growing metropolitan area in Texas, stretching from Galveston Bay. It is closely tied to the Space Center Houston, an international space exploration center. The city boasts an environmentally friendly downtown, historic downtown, and vibrant downtown business districts. The stately skyscrapers of Houston are also a sight to behold. The Space Center is one of the highlights of the city for Houstonians. The space center houses over 100 international computers and is headquarters to the space shuttle program. In the Memorial Park neighborhood, there is a monumental marker to honor the memory of astronauts who lost their lives on earth. The Houston skyline is also enhanced by the Charles Lindley Historic Center, featuring a colossal floating clock. Beyond the Space Center are Houston's third largest city and the second largest medical center in the nation. The largest component of the medical center is the Houston Neuropsychiatric Institute. The institute houses the Houston Symphony and Opera House. The institute is home to many academic institutions and branches of the medical community in the Houston area. The HNPI houses the Rice University Center for Mental Health and Neurobiology. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also operates out of the Rice University Center for Mental Health and Neurobiology. The Houston area has been rapidly expanding as the population continues to grow.

Several neighborhoods have popped up across the downtown area. The most famous of these is the Third Ward, which is southwest of the Rice University campus. Other neighborhoods include the Fifth Ward, which is south of downtown, which is along the Downtown area. As one travels around the downtown area, one can see the various neighborhoods progressing. Areas like Third Ward, Third Avenue and Houston Street are known for their historic architecture and hip, happening culture. Other neighborhoods that are growing rapidly are South Main, Downtown north. In addition to the growing neighborhoods, some of the older neighborhoods in the Houston Texas area have also been renovated or added on with the apartments being built. Houston Northstar, a suburb south of downtown Houston, is being built. This project is supposed to add another thousand residents to the already growing numbers of apartments in the city.

Houston Texas is certainly an interesting place to live. The rapid growth of the city is putting pressure on already overburdened schools in the area. Houston's metropolitan area is rapidly becoming one of the best places in the States to live. The addition of second floor apartments to existing apartment complexes, offering convenient on site parking, will allow residents to easily commute to work, schools and other activities. In addition, Houston's natural beauty, rich culture and the abundance of resources are drawing people to the area, making it one of the most dynamic cities in the States.

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