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Ballroom is a culture of competition that has origins in New York's Harlem section.

Where minority LGBTyouth and adults were able to congregate and have a safe space to compete for trophies and cash prizes. Jennie Livingston's documentary "Paris Is Burning" in addition to other documentaries, and shows such as "How Do I Look, and Mirror Mirror, truly give us an intimate look inside this exciting culture. Over the course of the next 3 decades, there have been many attempts to convert the underground playground and bring it to mainstream popular culture, but with more than enough discrimination, ballroom's safest spaces remained underground. Fast Forward to 2019 Ballroom is the most talked about, emulated, and mimicked culture yet which is no longer underground and has gained way more than national attention. Ballroom has sparked international fame, having competitions in foreign countries such as Paris, Russia, and now Mexico, just to name a few. So sit back and relax and let's take a look at the last 30 years of ballroom. Become familiar with the names behind the faces that have brought so much entertainment over the last 3 decades and BEYOND. As time moves on, and the evolution of ballroom becomes more prevalent there are more and more people joining the Ballroom culture, making an even more competitive activity inclusive to not just the minority LGBT community, but to all people. cannot survive without the support of the community of those who are interested in educating our younger ballroom participants on the pioneering trendsetters before them. There is a section below if you would like to make a donation the Learn Your History Organization to keep the Education of Ballroom History alive. Simply click the Donate Now button below. Thanks for visiting.

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