The next big event is coming up in May for ISM. Any guesses on what this important event might be? Yes, it is final presentation night. During this event, ISM students will showcase their yearlong work and also give a thirty five minute speech to a large audience. In addition to this, students will also recognize their mentors during FPN. I still remember how nervous I was going into final presentation night but I ended the night with a different feeling. After I finished my speech, I was filled with joy and starting crying when I got home. It felt so unreal that I accomplished so much during that year. Now, in preparation for this year’s final presentation night, I am working really hard to complete my final product. Even though I have unexpected limitations, I still found a way to continue my Nakhla research. Additionally, I am thinking about doing another final product. I know… that seems like way too much work but I will be working with Dr.Bywaters from NASA AMES and I would really love to share with everyone the research that I learned from her. The next few months are going to be really busy but it will at least be exciting!