The good old days of relaxing and not really caring are officially over. The first few weeks of college were kind of chill. We would go to our classes and finish up the minimal work we had. It was still quite a bit but very manageable. As a result, my friends and I had a lot of time to get together and hang out without stress. Well, it isn’t like that anymore. We are at that period of time when everyone is behind in all of their classes, all the study rooms in the library are taken up, and everyone is contracting viruses left and right. I know this because, frankly, I was in all of these situations and it was not fun. Let me give you a little insight into my week. After an amazing Saturday where I went to my first A&M football game, I was pounded with a wave of stress and more stress. I hate to say it but I fell into the procrastination trap. In high school, procrastination was something that we all did and didn’t have horrible consequences for the most part. In college, however, that is just not going to work. Trust me…I speak from experience. Instead of working on stuff that were due soon, I decided to study for things that were down on my priority list. As a result, I was frustrated and miserable. I got my assignments done barely on time and couldn’t study as much for my chemistry exam that was the next morning. I still did fine on my chemistry exam but honestly, I think I got lucky. I know that what I did was not the most flattering and certainly not the most responsible but I felt like I needed to share my experience. This is something that every college student goes through. The transition between high school and college is indeed difficult. After my stressful experience, I immediately started to change my study habits. For example, I made a to do list every morning and also had a calendar comprised of important information. This helped me get things done in a more orderly and stress-free fashion. Consequently, I was able to do really well on my geology exam. I thought I had tackled a big obstacle but boy was I wrong. When I woke up Wednesday morning, something was not right. I was really congested and my throat was hurting a lot. Confused, I went to class but couldn’t concentrate. Once class was done, I came back to my dorm and fell asleep. I was actually supposed to meet my friends to eat lunch but ended up sleeping till 1:30 pm. They thought I died or something because they didn’t hear a response from me for a long time. I really hoped that whatever I had wasn’t horrible but it unfortunately got worse later. I just want to say one thing: GETTING SICK IN COLLEGE SUCKS! I was super lethargic and my fever got really high at one point. It was bad but somehow the next morning I was all better thanks to I guess…my immune system. It was clearly a tough week but I got through it and, in the process, learned some valuable lessons. Again, I wanted to share some of my struggles because it is a big part of college life but I know it will get better from now on…hopefully.